Our instructors teach the art with these goals in mind

Self defence

SoIK is modelled on the ancient and powerful form of traditional Indian martial art, Kalaripayattu(the 'Mother of all Martial Arts'). Kalaripayattu, with its origins from India, is a sport teaching its followers to maintain high fitness levels and mental focus for effective self-defense. The master of SoIK has reworked the art to suit modern lifestyles while retaining core practices and principles of the art.

Fitness training

Children and adults of all ages require more than a regular school and college education for an all-round development. A healthy lifestyle requires good fitness levels. To this end, SoIK focuses on an optimal exercise regime designed to enhance physical fitness.

Concentration and discpline development

Karate helps improve powers of concentration in students enrolled with the school through yoga based medidation techniques. Students are taught to be respectful to their seniors and their instructors.SoIKs foremost goal is to strenghthen the mind as much as it does the body.

About School of Indian Karate

The martial art form taught at SoIK has been adapted to teach students self-defense, develop concentration, self confidence, mental awareness and achieve full body control through discipline and physical fitness. Mr.Suresh Rao, Chief Instructor of this Dojo, has been practicing and teaching the art form for over 35 years. Under Mr. Suresh Rao's tutelage, SoIK has been participating and winning championship trophies in tournaments at State, National and International levels.

This school has consistently produced national and international champions since the past twelve years and continues to hone students' skills to achieve at various competitive levels. All students are dedicated to uplifting the style, art and brand value of the school. Besides school and college participants, SoIK has witnessed achievers and champions from various professional fields like police officers, army commanders, naval officers ,doctors, engineers, customs officers, professors and software professionals.

If you are looking to train at student, college or professional levels, School of Indian Karate is the best institute for self-defense, with highly skilled and dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art equipment and superior training techniques for a well-rounded, overall development. This school is proud of its 3500 pupils spanning across all age groups

Our Master

Master Suresh S Rao

Our master has perfected himself in this art over a period of 35 years. He has glorious achievements , some of which include:

Karnataka State Open Champion from 1984-1990

National Champion (AIKF) from 1990-1994

All India National Black Belt Champion from 1994-1997

Selected for Internationals from Govt of India in 1997

Our master has an array of skills comprising of


Kick Boxing



Our Instructors

Senior Instructors under the guidance of Master Suresh Rao

Tara Ma'am

Chief Instructor

She has been practising this art for the past 24 yrs and has received laurels at the state and national levels from 1992 to till now. She is a senior student who is a Black Belt holder. Ms. Tara Kumari is conducting classes in many institutions and International schools.

Renu Prasad Sir

Chief Instructor

He has been practising the art for 16 years with 10 State & National titles. He is a senior student who is a Black Belt Holder and is handling classes in many Institutions and Software Companies.

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For any queuries, Contact:

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